Bell Times

If you are coming in to school during normal school hours, please come via the reception. It is important we know who is on site at all times for health and safety purposes.

Any child leaving before the end of the school day must be signed out through reception. Please come in and fill in an early leaving form.


8.30am – Teachers are in classrooms and children can start arriving at school

8:50am – First Bell – Start of School

9:00am – Second Bell (if you arrive after this, please sign in and get a late card from the office) 


10:20am – Morning Tea eating time

10.30am – Morning Tea play starts

11.00am – Morning Tea play ends


1:00pm – Lunch eating time

1:10pm – Lunch play starts

1.40pm – Lunch play ends


3:00pm – School day ends

4.00pm – Students are able to return to play in the grounds – NB there is no adult supervision provided by the school after 3.00pm