You are welcome to pop in to the office and visit us if you would like to enrol your child. Alternatively, give us a call or send us an email. Our office staff can advise you on our entry dates and the steps that need to be taken to enrol your child.

We are currently not taking any out of zone enrolments.

Reporting to Parents

We have two formal reporting types and times.  In May/June we send home your child’s portfolio of work and we have parent interviews to discuss known progress and to set ongoing targets.

In November/December we send home a completed Portfolio and a full written report.

Of course, we are very happy to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns you have over the school year.

Personal Care

  • We want them to look their best
  • To take pride in their appearance, their achievements, their attitude in themselves.
  • We want them to know they’re the best!

Keeping Safe

Support our Keeping Ourselves Safe programme, teach your children to be:

  • Safe in their play
  • Safe around electricity, poisons
  • Safe around Waterlea School
  • Safe on the roads
  • Safe around other people

A Safe Environment

  • A safe environment is important to us, we regularly check for hazards around our school.
  • We encourage mutual respect between staff, children, and the community.  
  • We teach children to put litter in the bins
  • We teach them to look after their environment.

Health and Safety

Health and safety are important to us as a school.  It is an integral part of want the best for our children.   Therefore we take a holistic approach, as we believe it is more than just the lessons taken on Health in the curriculum.  We believe that it is a whole community focus.

Road Safety

  • Use the crossings!
  • Park beyond the yellow lines so that the Patrols can see beyond the cars
  • Reinforce the road sense taught at school
  • Teach children to ride a bike safely and to wear their helmets

School Lunches

  • Balanced, healthy lunches generally make for balanced healthy kids
  • Reinforce the healthy eating programme from school to home

Charter and Strategic Plan

Click on the link to view the document: Charter Strategic Plan 2018-2020

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