Board of Trustees

The Role of the Board of Trustees

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the Board I would like to welcome you and your children to Waterlea School.

The Board is the governing body of the school, elected every three years by parents. This means that it has been given legislative responsibility for setting the school’s goals, objectives and policies. This is done in consultation with the community and follows parameters set by the Ministry of Education. A school charter summarises the goals, objectives and policies and you can view this document by contacting a Board member or the school office.

The Staff, under the direction of the Principal, are responsible for the day-to-day running of the school. The Board enjoys a good and productive relationship with our staff.

As your elected representatives the Board’s relationship with parents and the wider community is very important. We invite you to contact Board members to discuss governance matters and welcome any suggestions you may have for improvement. The Board and staff will endeavour to provide plenty of information through newsletters.

We hope your involvement with the school is very positive and productive for you and your children.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Dunning

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Board of Trustees Newsletter:  Term1, 2019

Click on the link to go to:  Charter Strategic Plan 2019-2021 

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Current Board Members

Andrew Dunning - Chairperson

Dave Lynch - Vice Chairperson. Planning & Reporting - Health & Safety - Employment

Aaron Redgwell - Property

Damon Crowe - Treasurer

Mike Rippey | Camilla Jackson (Staff Rep) - Curriculum

Marise Leggett (Co-opted) - Administration

Steve Brading - Planning & Reporting

Clair Cummings - Employment - Health & Safety

Members - Andrea Jamieson | Damon Crowe| Steven Brading| David Lynch| Andrew Dunning | Clair Cummings | Aaron Redgwell | Mike Rippey | Camilla Jackson | Marise Boldy-Leggett | Jarrod Haletama